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Greetings visitor, and welcome to the Croatoan wiki. Here we cover the lore and happenings of a tabletop role-playing campaign set in early colonial Virginia, using the Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG. The campaign is inspired by the suggested setting "Lost Colony of Roanoke" and the actual historical events surrounding it, 17th century folklore surrounding witchcraft and portrayals of it in modern media (such as the horror film The Witch), general historical events surrounding the Jamestown colony and portrayals of it in modern media (such as the Jamestown TV series) and general tonal (grim)dark fantasy inspirations including but not limited to Warhammer Fantasy, Darkest Dungeon, The Witcher, the Netflix Castlevania series and many, many more.

It should be noted that while we use historical events en people as an source of inspiration, this is not the place to come looking for an actual accurate representation of early colonial Jamestown or its people. There is magic in this world, fantasy races mixed into an otherwise humanocentric world and dark forces lurking in the shadows. Creative liberties will be taken regarding the portrayal of all the people in or near the colony including the native american tribes, and religion might become a grim centerpiece where corruption tries to take hold. I will however be linking wikipedia articles on pages inspired by real people, places and events, to provide a jumping-off point for anyone interested in the actual historical background.

Finally I would like to both welcome you to this wiki and warn you of what you might find ahead... the people of the Jamestown colony are friendly yet ever watchful, for evil spirits lurk beyond the veil of civilization, attempting to corrupt those of good nature.

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Lost Colony of Roanoke
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