Sir John Pawlett (alternatively spelled as Paulet or Poulett) was a nobleman and plantation owner living in Bermuda Cittie. He leaves the plantation management of several hundred acres of land between Berkeley Town and Westover to his younger brother Thomas Pawlett.

Status Edit

The Pawlett family is on the rise back home in Somerset, John represents the family's interests in the new world alongside his brother Thomas. The brothers arrived in the Virginia Colony after the starving time and purchased several acres of lands far to the west of Jamestown, near what is now Berkeley Town. While Thomas runs the plantation, John these past years has attempted to gain the favour of the governor, a task he had been performing successfully until the appointment of Sir George Yeardley who succeeded governor Argall in 1619. John keeps a positive outlook however, as he hopes his company connections back in England will help turning things in his favour once again. John is known to make regular trips to England every few years in order to facilitate connections back home, as he expects to eventually return permanently to take over his father's estate.

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