Background and Family

Peter Mary de Lacy is the second son of John and Madeline de Lacy, members of the aristocratic de Lacy family, tracing their lineage back to the time just before Magna Carta. Their first son, John de Lacy II, is an aristocrat in his own right, having taken his share of the inheritance already, and remains in England. Peter is the second son, and worked as a sellsword and mercenary in Germany for a number of years, before boarding the first ship to the New World with his parents and younger sister, Eveline, whose betrothal has yet to be sorted by John and Madeline.

The de Lacy family owns the Westover Plantation, where they have residence. They are one of the few remaining aristocratic families who are Roman Catholic.

Peter is 28 years old, having been born on the 26 June 1591.


His limited height is due to his dwarven heritage, which also transfers into his rather booming voice. When he wants to be heard, he certainly can be.

He wears fashionable clothing for the period. His boots are of about low calf height, and made of leather. He wears knee length breeches and tight hose on his legs, with a fashionable doublet over a white linen shirt. He occasionally sports a short cape, if the weather calls for it, or if he wishes to show off just that little bit more. He keeps his misericorde in his right boot at all times, and usually wears his mortuary sword on his belt.

When he dons his armour, he wears simple leather armour, with thick trousers, a tough leather jerkin and basic steel helm, with tough leather gloves. He also carries the tool of his trade when wearing armour, his zweihänder.


Having heard of the attempted rape of Rhiannon, Peter stormed away, in order to confront Samuel Sharp. He followed Sharpe into the church in Jamestown, where he attacked Sharpe, invoking divine justice as he did so. Avis followed him into battle, where they saw Sharpe reveal himself as infused with some form of demonic power. During the battle, Peter was grievously wounded, and, despite his best efforts, slain. His dying word was 'Avis', said as he fell.

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