Sir Richard Archer is a plantation owner and inhabitant of Bermuda Cittie. He also owns the Bermuda Cittie tavern where, although he does not personally manage it, he can be seen often. He is a member of the Archer Family.

Inheritance Edit

After the death of their brother Captain Gabriel Archer in 1609, Richard and his twin brother John were sent over to Virginia in order to take possession of land belonging to the family, namely several hundred acres of land east of Jamestown called Archer's Hope. Plantation management did not turn out to be Richard's forte so with the expansion of the Virginia colony he seized the opportunity to establish the tavern in Bermuda Cittie. John remained in Jamestown but was reinforced by their younger sibling Simon who assists him on the plantation.

Richard was also reinforced by two more younger siblings, William and Edward, to whom he deferred daily management of the tavern. In 1618, the same year they arrived, Richard married the 17 year old Mary Bull who arrived on the same ship as Richard's siblings.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Though the Archer family did exist, their appearance in the game is mostly fictionalized as accounts regarding their doings is quite scarce with the exception of those of Captain Gabriel Archer. Data regarding the family's genealogy can be found here.

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