Robert Jordan was the oldest son of Samuel Jordan and a prominent member of the Bermuda Cittie Militia.

Expeditionary Edit

Despite being present in the colony for only a year, Robert managed to prove himself as an adequate member of the militia and gaining the favour of his father's ally Samuel Sharpe, the master of Bermuda Cittie, after successfully taking charge of an expedition upriver as the designated sergeant was killed in a native ambush. His travels upriver returned him scarred both physically and mentally. While his brother Thomas took after the more jolly nature of his father and kind demeanor of their dead mother, Robert took after Lieutenant Sharpe's cold demeanor and his father's more practical side. Despite his rough exterior Robert was quite protective of his younger brother.

The Final Journey Edit

Samuel Sharpe put Robert in charge of a search party in order to find Walter Shelley's missing children. He was accompanied by Peter de Lacy, Edmund Arundell, Avis Bennett and Rhiannon. Tracing the children to the south side of the river they managed to track the eldest child, Thomas Shelley, down to a Quiyoughcohannock village where Robert secured the child's release in return for a Zweihänder sword similar to that of de Lacy's. The youngest child, James Shelley, was tracked down to a cave where he was being held by what appeared to be a shapeshifter. The party slew the being and rescued the remaining child, having come across the bodies of the two plantation children.

A conflict arose between Robert and the other party members after Robert observed signs of corruption and witchcraft in Miss Bennett. It all culminated into a fight on Walter Shelley's plantation. As the party rested for the night, Robert sneaked away to the main plantation house and urged Shelley to send a rider to the marshall of Jamestown to inform him of recent events with miss Bennett. After that he set out to capture the witch and bring her to justice, unfortunately Bennett woke up finding Jordan standing over her with a rope in his hands and a sword at his side. Her scream woke up the rest of the party and Robert was cornered three to one. After being struck by de Lacy's zweihänder and Rhiannon's axe he attempted to flee. As he made for the door, his throat was slit by miss Bennett.

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