Samoset is a native scout of the Quiyoughcohannock, a tribe of natives with settlements on the south side of the James River. His name roughly translates to "He who walks over much".

Encounter Edit

Samoset met a search party lead by militia sergeant Robert Jordan looking for several missing plantation children of Smith's Hundred. Samoset conversed with Jordan in an algonquian language after which Samoset invited the party to an audience with the local Weroance (chieftain), as he revealed they had recently taken in a settler child found fleeing an evil spirit in the woods. The child turned out to be one of the missing children, Thomas Shelley, whom the Weroance agreed to return in exchange for a token of good will from the colonists. An agreement was struck and alongside some tokens to be exchanged immediately, Jordan also promised to deliver a sword similar to other party member Peter de Lacy's zweihänder.

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