Thistle is an elf-blooded gamekeeper and servant of Samuel Sharpe. He and his colleague, Rhiannon, guard over the wildlife population on Turkey Island.

Thistle is the bastard son of a human trapper and a forestbound elf of Longnewton Forest. For the first few years he was brought up in the elven reservation until a royal inspection party arrived in the forest and were alerted of the child's part human parentage by one of the other elves. The child was claimed by the crown and taken to be brought up in one of the Queen's halfbreed seclusiums. In 1608 he was purchased and indentured by the Virginia Company who sent him to the new world. He arrived in 1609 as a part of the third supply. At first Thistle was utilized as a forager, performing vital duties during the Starving Time, but eventually he was transferred to the service Samuel Sharpe of Bermuda Cittie as a gamekeeper on Turkey Island.

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