"Little" Tom Thumb is an ogre pit fighter at Beggar's Bush in service of Samuel Jordan.

Life in Virginia Edit

Tom was one of the few ogre servants brought to the Virginia Colony in 1611. He was put to work on various plantations until he was acquired by Samuel Sharpe who put him to work on his plantation in Bermuda Hundred. After an incident where Tom wounded Samuel's cousin, plantation overseer Thomas Sharpe, he was originally sentenced to hang. However, Samuel Sharpe's friend, Samuel Jordan, saw the potential of Tom and managed to not only convince Sharpe to forego Tom's sentence, but also purchased Tom from Sharpe in order to utilize him as a pit fighter. Thomas however wanted to see some form of punishment, so Sharpe put forth a compromise which consisted of Tom's fingers on his left hand being chopped off one by one, with the exception of his thumb. The sentence was executed with the assistance of a different ogre in service of the Bermuda Cittie militia.

Tom then became a major attraction in Jordan's fighting pit in Beggar's Bush, often being pitted against opponents with more efficient weaponry, as Tom could sustain quite a few wounds without too many lasting repercussions.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Tom's name was inspired by the English folklore character of Tom Thumb, a tiny fairytale character no bigger than a thumb.

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