Walter Russell was a physician and surgeon in the Jamestown Colony.

First doctor Edit

Russell arrived in the colony in 1608 as a part of the first supply mission , one year after its settlement, and found only 40 of the original 104 colonists alive. He was one of the first physicians to arrive in the colony, alongside surgeon Post Ginnat and apothecaries Thomas Field and John Harford, and was quickly put to work by the company. He perished in the winter of 1609-1610, known as the starving time, where only 60 of the approximately 500 colonists survived.

Reappearance? Edit

In 1619 a shapeshifter in possession of several of Walter Russel's belongings was encountered in a grotto south of the River James. The shapeshifter had apparently taken one of Walter Shelley's children, James, captive and burried another plantation child outside of his grotto. He was killed by a search party lead by Robert Jordan. Avis Bennett, one of the other party members, recovered Russell's belongings, among which a medical book turned into a form of palimpsest with the scribblings of a madman. Avis would soon attract the attention of a being calling themselves Manitou, after which a conflict erupted between Jordan and the other party members in regards to Avis' sanity and allegiance, as Jordan claimed Avis to be guilty of being corrupted by the devil.

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